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Furniture factory in India
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Carpenters in Delhi, Wood work contractors and labour job workers in Delhi and NCR, Gurgaon and NOIDA

Contact us for wood work contracts, carpenters and labour work for your home and office furniture in Delhi and NCR, NOIDA, Gurgaon, however we can work in all over India..
We have skilled carpenters, wood worker labour and a team of good skilled carpenters to provide you solutions for your wood wrok for home and offices interior decoration.

For Carpenters wood work in Delhi NCR

Contact person:
NS Ansari
Mobile No. 9717973252
Email: nsikander28@yahoo.com

We take contract for wood work in Delhi NCR with material and without material as per your requirements. More...


Furniture factory in India

furniture factory in India
Wood carving sofa set at furniture factory in India

bamboo chair at furniture factory
Bambo chairs dissplayed at furniture factory in India. This resting chair designed and develop in furniture factory, it is a very good unique design of chair (aram chair), this also called sun bath chair or aram kursi. It is folding and light in weight so that it can be easy to carry anywhere. Because of hollow bamboo it is very light in weight. Beautifully designed and strong in use. Well polished for long life, it can help to support your back to relief from pain. So very useful chair it is, you can place at balcony, in garden, livingroom or bedroom, anywhere you like to use it.

canewood furniture
Canewood sofa set at furniture factory in India. This beautiful sofa set design made of cane wood, and made in India. Cane wood furniture is very famous from decades, we design and manufacture this beautiful cane wood sofa set at furniture factory in India. It is very useful and long life wood with very less maintenance. So you can buy this hand made sofa set for your home and office.

furniture factory made
Furnitur factory made. This unique sofa set design is beautiful and useful. Totally hand made and hand carved wooden furniture. Design based on old royal designs used by raja and maharajas (king). You can feel it and use it for decades, well polished red wood.

Services provide at wood impactOrange line

Wood Impact is a complete furnishing store that takes careof all your needs related to house planning, interior decoration and furniture. There is a widearray of services being offered by Wood Impact for its clients. These servicesinclude design and planning of residential homes and offices, design lightingproducts for both home and office, and design furniture of best quality... more...

Sofa Set

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Sofaset is one of the most commonly used piece furniture. Itis used by people for their drawing rooms, bedrooms, offices and other uses.There are many different kinds of sofa set designs, which are used to beautifythe d├ęcor of a room in addition to solving its usual purpose of a place to sitfor guests... more...

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The most striking thing in a bedroom is the bed. The bed attracts theeye first when anyone enters...more...

Bedroom Designs and InteriorOrange line

Bedroom is always a special room in the house because thisis where we relax and retire after a hectic day. Bedroom design or bedroom decorationis vital because a nice, pleasant bedroom will help us remain happy andcontent. On the other hand, a shabby and unorganized room will make us more...

Chairs DesignsOrange line

A chair is a piece of furniture supported by four legs and aback and used to sit for one or more person. However, the use and the design ofchairs have gone heavenly changes. Now, chairs are made of two or three legs oreven without any leg. They come in distinct shapes and sizes like oval, round,s-shaped, and so on. more...

Dining Tables
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A dining table is a basic necessity in every household forthe family to sit and eat together. In the contemporary lifestyle of today, thedining table designs and appearance has seen many changes. Now, dining tablesare made not only with wood, but many other interesting materials. more...

Bathroom DesignOrange line

The concept of bathroom design in India is booming. Earlier,decorating or designing the bathroom was the last thing in the list of interiordecoration for most people. However, the concept is changing and now-a-dayspeople want their washrooms to be larger than life and creative. Unlikeearlier,... more...


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